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How To Remove Broken Staples From Hardwood Flooring?

Jul 30

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Removing broken staples from hardwood flooring

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful and comfortable house because that is a great reward that we get from working hard. Renovation is not just updating the house’s design and style, but it is a great opportunity for investing in something that could improve the quality of life, extends the house’s lifespan, and increase its market value. A long term investment that you and your family will enjoy.

Comfort and enjoyment are one of the many reasons why we remodel our houses. We always want it to have a cozy atmosphere to make it a home that we always come home to. And the part that has been always misused and abused is the floor for we keep on stepping on it many times a day and multiple times when we have many visitors, which is why it should be included in renovations. Having a flooring contractor is a must to ensure its quality that could last for long years, for they know exactly what techniques to apply.

One of the common questions that some people ask when doing a DIY or do it yourself floor renovations is how will they remove those broken staples. First of all, wood expands and changes its natural shape and size when exposed to moisture, that is why we need to put something like staples or nails so that the wood will be attached to the subfloor and will perform its function well. And staples have two prongs that make them known to hold stronger.

When removing it, you need to have specific construction tools like pliers (end nipper pliers) or the hook blade of a utility knife. The End Nipper Pliers is a good tool to use when removing staples because it is a type of pliers that has a rounded side, perfect for pulling the staples from the wood for it will not damage it.

It is important to know the kind of tool to use before renovating the floor to avoid wasting time and effort. And it would be advisable to find a reliable floor contractor to achieve your expectations.