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What To Consider When Hiring A Carpenter

Jun 19

Hammer and Brush provide many services for the home. They can fix your cabinets, skirting boards and shelving, or do general repairs. If you have never hired a carpenter before, you might not know how to start looking for one. If you have no recommendations from anyone, it will be a challenge for you to figure out how to choose the right one. This guide will provide you with some tips on what to look for when you search for a carpenter.

Determine What Type of Carpenter You Need For Your Project

There are many specializations in carpentry. Carpenters generally concentrate on one particular area. Some of these specializations include:

Rough Carpentry: These carpenters create the framework of the structure. Another name for them is frame carpenters. They make sure that the basic structure is plumb, level and square. They build the rough framework on which the finish carpenter will make the rest of the structure. An example of a project that you might need them to do is siding on the exterior of your house.

Finish Carpentry: These are carpenters who will finish the work that the framing carpenter started. Examples of the type of work that they would do are laying roofing material, installing a deck, putting in a sliding door, and other types of carpentry work that will furnish your house. The things that finish carpenters build to finish the interior look of the house.

Cabinet Makers: These carpenters specialize in building cabinetry. They can make furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, skirting boards and more. They can add the finishing touches to furnishing the home's interior.

License and Insurance

You should always look for a carpenter who is licensed. This ensures you that the carpenter will always follow industry standards when building the project. They need to uphold a certain level of quality in their work. Any carpenter who is serious about their profession will always have a license.

Insurance is just as important. A professional carpenter should carry worker's compensation insurance and liability insurance. This releases you from liability if the carpenter sustains an injury while working on a project on your property.


An experienced and reliable carpenter should always guarantee his work. This would be a warranty on the materials that he used and his workmanship on the project. The quality of the material used can vary. Some types of materials have a longer lifespan than others. The carpenter should be clear about the quality of the material when he quoted you on the project so you will know exactly what kind of quality you are buying. This will also help you understand the parameters of the carpenter's warranty.


Anytime you hire someone to work on your home, you want someone with the best experience. You want a seasoned carpenter to work on your project. Find out how many years he has been working in the field. Typically, the more years he has been in business, the more experience he would have. An experienced carpenter would be less likely to make the type of mistakes that a novice carpenter might make.


If you have a specific timeline for your project, find a carpenter who is available during the time that you need and who can commit to finishing the project by your deadline. You should document your time requirements in your written contract, particularly if the project will stretch over a long period of time. The contract should include an estimate of the cost broken down in detail and a timeline of completion. 

During your search for a carpenter, take your time and read reviews. There are many websites on the Internet that will help you in your search for the best carpenters in your geographic area.