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New Thicker Engineered Flooring

Jan 18

New Thicker Engineered Flooring

San Diego Flooring, the leading flooring installer, and company to call for a hardwood floor installation or refinishing. Engineered Flooring offers a new product, which is wider and thicker than the previous one. Engineered flooring has a new feature that can be refinished numerous times, just like hardwood floors. The veneer thickness of these new flooring planks is 5mm. They can be used daily by children, pets, and anyone who walks in high heels. These planks come in 2 sizes, 3 1/4"x 1/2", or 5"x1/2". It is a 7 layer + veneer product. This gives it greater stability than products made with fewer layers. Engineered Hardwoods have the thickest veneer in their industry. It can be sanded 2-3 times just as regular hardwood flooring.

Use Thicker Engineered Hardwoods to Benefit Your Home:

  • Beautiful wide planks
  • Can you put concrete or wooden subfloors?
  • Thicker planks will ensure a more durable floor.
  • Planks that are longer than usual allow for quicker installation
  • Higher quality combined with innovation
  • High-quality finish with aluminum oxide. Warranty of 35 years
  • Low prices. Only $2.79 per 3 1/4" x 1/2" or $2.99 per 5" x 1/2

The new, wider plank engineered hardwood flooring from Grainger is more resistant and thus more stable. Traditional engineered floors were made to withstand moisture. It can be laid over plywood if it is secured.

San Diego Flooring offers professional floor installation or refinishing. This dustless sanding is used to remove scratches, gouges, and marks from engineered flooring, as well as remove existing stain and finish. Refinishing engineered wood flooring was impossible prior to the thicker 5mm veneer. " Discrete Sanding" helps reduce dust buildup from sanding. It also helps maintain clean indoor air. You can also get low VOC or no VOC in products for the floor refurbishing procedure. This ensures a clean environment.

Wood Floor Stability

Do you have a basement where hardwood floors would look great? Hardwoods cannot be recommended due to moisture issues. But, those days are gone! Basements can be made to fit the 5mm Engineered flooring. It can be refinished at the same time as hardwoods and the veneer will last many decades. They are made from engineered woods so they are more resilient to moisture and more stable.

Our thick 1/2" Engineered Hardwoods come prefinished in many stain colors, widths, finishes, and colors. Call us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation at home. We'll show you samples and measure your rooms for a quotation. We can also install thicker Engineered Flooring to concrete or wood floors. We can prepare the concrete floors and add a moisture-resistant adhesive.

Cost Comparison

Engineered Hardwoods can be more expensive than real hardwood floors. But, there are still people who prefer hardwoods. New 1/2" thick Engineered Flooring is an excellent choice. This will save you money and provide durability. They can be placed in areas where hardwoods are not permitted, and they can be sanded numerous times over their lifespan. You can choose from a variety of styles and they look stunning.

San Diego Flooring is available for a quick and free estimate. Our workmanship is excellent and our prices are the best around.


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